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Fly-tipping – What You Can Do


If you merely dump waste in a place where it is not allowed you risk getting massive fines or even some prison time. In case you notice any person fly-tipping, you are advised to report it to your local council.

What’s Fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping represents illegal action which involves dumping of waste or bulky items on places without the license to receive it. It is potentially dangerous to health as it pollutes waterways and land and it costs a significant amount of public money to clear it away, money which could be smartly invested in some other things.

Illegal waste dumping represents a severe crime that can result in a massive fine. A responsible person can even face time in prison. Permitting fly-tipping to occur is also a crime.

Quite often fly-tipping is connected with dumping waste from vehicles. When this is the case, the owner of the vehicle can also be prosecuted, which can lead to prosecution even if the driver isn’t identified and the vehicle is.

Authorised officers of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, as well as the police officers, are allowed to stop, search and seize the vehicle used for illegal waste activities which include fly-tipping.

Every local council offers waste disposal locations and recycling centres where you are allowed to legally and safely recycle or dispose of unneeded items.

What Should You Do About Fly-tipped Waste

If You Find Fly-tipped Waste Don’t:

• touch the waste as there might be broken glass, syringe, toxic chemicals, asbestos or other dangerous materials in it

• disturb the site as you could destroy potential evidence which could help identify the offenders and enable their prosecution

You Should:

• visually try to estimate the quantity of waste and what the waste consists of

• be sure to write down the exact location, date and time you noticed the tipping, and whether it occurred in or near water

When You See Someone Fly-tipping Pay Attention to:

• number of persons involved and their description

• quantity and type of waste that has been dumped

• if there are vehicles involved try to remember type, colour and plate number if possible

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